Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

My goal as a designer is to create an innovative, unique space that is both functional and beautiful. Through extensive research, my design solution accommodates not only the client and the user, but everyone.

Universal design is something I am passionate about, and it is a vital step in my process. The greatest reward of design is to create an accessible, comfortable space that people enjoy returning to. I address how a space and design factors greatly influence human behavior. I strive to create a positive, productive space for the success, physical health, and emotional well-being of the user. Enhancing positive human behavior is crucial to my design solutions. When approaching a project, I consider numerous factors such as lighting, air quality, acoustics, biophilic design, and sustainability. These factors all make a difference in the life of the user in the space, even if they are unnoticed.

The most important part of my design process is the concept. Thorough research allows me to develop a strong concept that enables my direction and supports reason for every decision I make to achieve my design solution. Applying and dedicating myself to my concept allows me to solve the design problem while incorporating universal design, sustainability, and promoting positive human behavior.

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