IIDA Student Booth Design Competition at Orgatec

My trade show booth design for IIDA at Orgatec represents the word community. I emphasized a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common interests and goals. I depicted one strong, joined structure which is meant to represent the organization, IIDA.

Spring 2018

The structure is composed of individual pieces that make up one unifying structure. The sides of my booth remain open to show that even though the structure is closed in, like IIDA, there are still openings to others in the community to join.

Utilizing a laser cutter for precise pieces, I chose wood as the main material in my booth.

I have also incorporated a live wall, numerous custom pieces of furniture, and my selection of Vitra furniture.

IIDA is a leader in the design community with a large influence on the surrounding design community; therefore I wanted to truly represent the welcoming feelings associated with the word community in my trade show booth.