AC Lewis YMCA Renovation

Commercial community center and gym incorporating

Universal and Sustainable Design

Fall 2018

Click Here for A full gallery of the stairs and vestibule that are custom design components of this project. 

Click for a full view of the yoga studio

The YMCA in Baton Rouge is an innovative, unique space that is both functional and beautiful. Through extensive research, my design solution accommodates not only the client and the user, but everyone. Universal design is something I am passionate about, and catering my design to meet the needs of everyone is vital to my design solution.

Universal design was highlighted by including a ramp, an elevator, and space allowing for a parallel approach to workout equipment. I address how a space and design factors greatly influence human behavior, and I strive to create spaces that provide a positive, productive space for the success, physical health, and emotional well-being of the user.

Enhancing positive human behavior is crucial to my design solutions. So, when approaching this project, I considered numerous factors such as lighting, air quality, acoustics, biophilic design, and sustainability. With this in mind, thorough research allows me to develop a strong solution that enables my direction and supports reason for every design decision I make to achieve my design solution.

I considered sustainability by mainly using natural, recycled, and reusable materials like wood and cork. Also, by the abundant use of natural light and by incorporating an outdoor gym. I promoted positive human behavior by access and views to the outdoors, improving the air quality, and having proper acoustical elements.