Interior Design Studio V

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

Baton Rouge Center for the Creative Arts

For my senior capstone project, I chose to build a center for the creative arts in Baton Rouge. Using my experience at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, I wanted to expand that into a community it would benefit.

Baton Rouge Center for Creative Arts is a pre-professional arts training center that offers students intensive instruction in their choice of 7 various art disciplines, while demanding simultaneous academic excellence.


The undergraduate senior Thesis is a self-directed yearlong investigation. It begins with identifying a problem and proposed solution in the fall semester, and concludes with testing the solution through a design project in the spring (Robinson and Parman 2010). The Thesis combines skills from the classroom and studio, which I have acquired over the past 4 years and it is structured to encourage critical thinking, develop deeper knowledge, solve challenging problems, and advance my design skills.

Completing this yearlong Thesis provides an opportunity for me to…

  1. Understand how to apply research to a complex design problem.
  2. Explore design issues that I am passionate about.
  3. Become an expert in Universal Design.
  4. Become more knowledgeable on sustainability.
  5. Study and research how design impacts human behavior.




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Site & Building Selection


Building Plans