For People

In order to meet functional goals for people and users, the design will act as a catalyst for improving the lives of students, instructors, and their community. Designing a sustainable and universal environment will teach and promote healthy living habits that effectively benefit mental and physical well-being that will be carried into the user’s everyday lives.

For Objects

Objects will be chosen that contribute to the desired atmosphere and help reinforce sustainable and universal design. Objects should seamlessly enhance the space without being distracting or obstructive in any way.

For Activities

Engaging, hands-on activities performed in the space is the driving force behind teaching students and the community the value of the arts as a form for education, and the importance of living in a mentally and physically healthy state.


For site

This site will provide a means for growth and development through arts and entertainment related activities to Baton Rouge. The goal is to expand this district that has a balance of arts and entertainment and a positive reflection of Baton Rouge. The addition of an arts high school will expand the demographic of the building site. The addition of Baton Rouge Center for Creative Arts will not only help the Arts and Entertainment District grow, but it will also raise awareness in the community to support the arts and our youth.

For Building

The form of the building provides opportunities for open multi-purpose spaces as well as compartmentalized spaces. The building has significant opportunities for natural light and connections to the outdoors. The existing architectural style of the building is directly in line with the ideals of this project. The building’s sleek, modern, state-of-the-art appeal boasts opportunity for a creative, innovative learning environment.

For Environment

Despite the context of the environment being near heavily concentrated areas, the goal is to further section it off by the use of sporadic landscaping. The centralized location of the environment contributes to the impact and influence the building will have on the community. Landscaping the existing outdoor terraces will provide more outdoor opportunities and a healthier space for the users and the environment.


The space is designed to cater more specifically towards high school students, in addition to their families serving as  a supporting role. End users will consist mainly of students that have a passion for the arts. Some users will have special needs ranging from special attention to accessibility, which will be met through universal and sustainable design. In order to be successful, the school must offer these students a range of artistic outlets that contribute to their overall health and increased knowledge and improved education. End users will also include instructors, artists, museum staff, school administration, maintenance staff, kitchen staff, and community guest visitors. Each of these specific users will require their own special needs in order for their services to be effective.


The overall function of the Baton Rouge Center for Creative Arts is to promote the arts as a healthy and creative outlet that enhances education. Actively engaging students and the community in the arts as a way to fuel self-confidence, creativity and empowerment lends itself to a healthier population and a decrease in the feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety that come with high school education. Spaces will be designed for the various arts disciplines, education, and community involvement. The spaces will foster individuality, collaboration, and creativity, while catering to the needs of everyone.