enabling exploration

interior architecture studio | winter 2020 | instructor: kyuho ahn | team: interior architecture students and ceramic arts students | site: eugene, oregon

This exhibition showcases student outcomes in Ceramics and Furniture Design studios. Through art-making and exhibition design, students worked collaboratively to create an art exhibition that provokes inclusive and accessible aesthetic experiences for all viewers.

Our collaborative endeavors relied mainly on communication and organization. From the initial weeks to the installation process these skills were key. Coordination of 16  designers and 18 artists is a large undertaking and something worth praise of such a unique and large scale collaboration.

This gallery exhibit emphasizes universal design and pushes the boundaries of modern art. With the focus on enabling exploration and interaction with the display the user truly feels included and not as though they are merely an observer.

The exhibit has been carefully thought out in consideration to be accessible and welcoming to all users. Each display can be understood by the user despite any physical limitation they may have. This exhibit views functional limitation as a universal human experience. We all experience some form of disability. So our exhibit embraces these limitations and allows the user to feel included and integrated no matter what their limitations may be.

Every decision made as a team, even aesthetics always put accessibility and universality at the forefront of our decisions.

The final outcome is a functional, beautiful, and creative gallery exhibit that can serve as a precedent to many exhibitions in the future on how to properly collaborate to create a universal and interactive display of art.

Click here for a link to detail drawings