Mixed Use: Downtown Eugene, Oregon

architecture studio | fall 2019 | instructor: virginia cartwright, ph.d | site: eugene, oregon

Cohabit’s program incorporates the three things humans need to feel fulfilled: a place to live, a place to work, and a place to socialize.

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Cohabit is also a living learning center for community environmental education.

The program encourages and supports shared community knowledge, local businesses, local food growth, wine, and arts. This program will educate the community about net-zero strategies including, but not limited to, water conservation and reuse strategies, growing local food and composting, daylighting and its effects on health and productivity, and about the Oregon timber industry and the importance of building with local materials.

Cohabit is welcoming and inclusive for all and focuses on social justice, and provides a solution to affordable housing. The mission is to engage the community to establish stewardship in the downtown area of Eugene.

The building balances nature to structure to demonstrate how humanity can coexist with our surrounding natural environment and community. The building has a positive impact on the natural ecosystem as well as on the urban space.