St. James Place

Independent and Assisted Living Facility Community Center

My St. James’ place welcome center is focused on being therapeutic. This welcome center will be a multi-purpose space for both residents and visitors.

Fall 2017

While keeping the residents in mind and catering to their needs, my space will have very warm, ambient lighting to avoid the clinical style lighting in other assisted living centers.


I am using white washed wood floors, white pained walls and neutral colored upholstery with slight pops of color to really brighten the space. I am using soft blues and violets because those colors can make the elderly person connect to a spiritual or reflective mood. I am also using softer shades of red or orange because it will help improve energy levels and circulation. Also peach color, warm tans and apricot, terra cotta and pink work well with elderly eyes. Studies done in nursing homes show that soft pinky-beiges contrasted with soft blue/greens were peaceful and emotionally supporting.

Furniture & Greenery

It will also have a brick fireplace and lounge area for residents to relax and spend time with visitors. Furniture is all current and stylish while still being extremely comfortable and homey. I am also incorporating a lot of interior greenery because it has many physiological and psychological benefits for the residents. Those who wish to water the plants and care for them can also have the opportunity to do so, styled almost like a green house. I plan on incorporating the library that is already in the space but to a smaller scale with just several shelves against walls so that it takes up less of the space. This space will also include aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers,

There will be art easels in the front of the building surrounded by windows so that residents can paint in the natural light, or perhaps a visitor can paint something for their loved one. I will be using a more modern, innovative design while still meeting the needs of the residents and making them feel at ease. My main goal is to make this welcome center therapeutic and relaxing space with the help of greenery, art therapy, and aromatherapy.